For Those Resident in Japan


For Those Resident Outside Japan


How to Order


(1)     Please let us know the item you wish to purchase, your name, postal address, and telephone number either by telephone, fax, post or email.

   *It may take time to reply since our staff who understand English do not report to our store regularly, so it will

 help if you contact us in Japanese.

   *In case you usually use a stage name or pen name, please inform us of your real name, so that there will not be any trouble caused at the time of delivery.


(2)     Upon receiving your order we will let you know whether or not the item you wish to buy is in stock at our store, what condition it is in, and its price.

* The price includes consumption tax.


(3) As soon as your payment has been confirmed, we will dispatch your order by the method of delivery you choose from the following:  

a) EMS (Express Mail Service), the international express delivery, which includes registered mail postage.

b) Airmail + registered mail postage

c) SAL Mail + registered mail postage

d) Seamail + registered mail postage

* An expensive item may have to be insured.

*Returning the item to us is possible only if it differs from what you orderd.

*Please bear in mind that what we deal in are second-hand items and are not always in good condition.


(4)     Ordering at our website is possible, too. In this case, you need to set up an account beforehand.

Once you have established an account with us, then you can place orders just by logging in with your email address and password.

 For more details refer to the Information Section on the right-hand side of the Catalog Page.

Please let us know if you need a receipt or bill from us.


How to Pay


Either by credit card or by remittance.


(1)     Credit card

* VISA or Mastercard can be used.

* Only lump-sum payment is accepted.

* Please let us know your card name, card number, expiry date and holder’s name.



(2)     Remittance

a)       Payment into the following bank account:

               MitsubishiTokyoUFJ Bank, Jinbocho Branch, Ordinary Deposit 1059624

               Yaguchi Shoten, Yaguchi Tetsuya

b)       Payment into the following PO Savings Transfer Account:

00120-7-39656 Yaguchi Shoten

* Your order will be dispatched only after your remittance has been confirmed.

  * Please pay into either account above the exact amount of money we charge you. In case of overpayment, we cannot send the balance back to you, and in case of underpayment, your order will not be dispatched.